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Thanks to Tire Penz, I’m able to take my ride anywhere, anytime….
This is the product that I’ve been searching for and with my tires painted, I feel sure that others on the road will see me no matter the conditions. Not only was the paint easy to apply, but its durability has surpassed my expectations. Especially after trying another no name brand! Color selection is so epic, but for now, I’m seriously into the Sleek Silver. Ordering was easy and delivery time was on point. It’s safe to say that Tire Penz is what I’ve been waiting for.
Man I thought the tire penz were awesome. Now the glow product pfft. Effin amazing this stuff makes my motorcyle look fan-freaking-tastic. I turn heads everywhere I ride with my red halos, red tire threads and now the red stripes. Keep up the good work guys your making great products.

Casey Zaragoza

Amazing product! Tire Penz is probably the best invention since the Sharpie marker! They’re so legit, to legit to quit. Their bold and creative. They were there for me when I needed my tires to stand out and they did more then just stand out, they changed the personality of every vehicle iv owned since I found Tire Penz in a random Google search 1 day. I have personal life story’s about Tirepenz that I will one day tell my children, Needless to say I 100% stand by and represent Tirepenz in my everyday life, Tirepenz you bet you’ll be on every vehicle I own until I’m to old to apply you to my tires. Sincerely yours, Boe Scarbrough. Or Instagram(@bfw_)

Boe Scarbrough

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