Twin Head Orbital Polisher 240 Volt

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The Twin-Head Orbital Polisher is an extremely cost-effective solution for polishing painted and metal surfaces to high-gloss or mirror-finish
shines.These machines are supplied with a pair of soft buffing pads.

Aimed primarily at the lighter-use, our random orbital polisher cost around a third the price of industrial-use equivalents such as the Cyclo® 6CE. Perfect for infrequent ‘brightwork’ polishing jobs, or polishing your vintage caravan or classic car.


  • Oscillating motion to simulate hand-polishing
  • Variable speed control for greater precision
  • Sturdy, high-quality plastic housing
  • Lightweight and portable
  • High-torque motor with cooling fan
  • Long-life carbon brushes
  • Well-balanced, ergonomic design
  • Compatible with Cyclo® polishing pads
  • Fitted with a standard UK power plug (Type G / BS 1363)
  • Suitable for use in many industries, including Aerospace, Automotive and Marine.
  • Suitable for novices and experts alike
  • CE Compliant
  • Voltage/power: 230VAC/50Hz
  • Motor output: 350W
  • Speed range: 1600-3500 rpm
  • Polishing heads: 2 x ø95mm
  • Weight: 2.6Kg

Accessories Available.

  • Green polishing pads (Soft)
  • Yellow polishing pads (Hard)
  • Twin Woollen Buffing Pads

Comes complete with 2 x Foam Pads.

THIS MACHINE WILL RUN OFF A 600 watt plus inverter which makes it ideal for working whilst out on the road.

To see the machine in use, please see our video section for numerous demonstrations and benefits using this machine.

Products also available include Twin pack of woollen pads for catwalks or diesel tanks, plus White Diamond Specialist Cloth is designed to be fitted to this machine.

See all Buffing Pads & Accessories for various pads

ALL MACHINES are sent with Courier.

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