White Diamond Multi Purpose Dressing Cool Water Scented

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Multi Purpose Spray Dressing – Leather Scented
Cleans, Conditions, and UV Protects
Interior and Exterior Plastics
Leather Seats and Dashboards.


Multi Purpose Spray Dressing – Cool Water Scented

Cleans, Conditions, and UV Protects:

Suitable for Interior:– Suitable for Exterior:-

Vinyl Dash Tyre Dressing

Door Panels Trim Dressing

Arms Rests Engine Compartment

Leather Seats Vinyl

White Diamond Spray Dressing is a non-greasy, non-staining spray that cleans and conditions your vinyl, plastic, rubber or leather surfaces for a natural detailed look.

It is also a U.V. protectant that will help defend against premature wear and fading.


Mist evenly across entire surface to be protected. Let dry or wipe with a lint-free cloth

towel to desired finish. Any overspray will wipe off rims, paint or windows with ease.

Net: 16 FL OZ.

(473 ml)

Additional information

Weight 2 oz


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